Wrigley: First records of surname

The first record of the surname is that of William de Wriggeley in the Subsidy Rolls of Derbyshire, dated 1327. Willelmus Wryglegh (Willellms Wrigglegh) was recorded in the Poll Tax Returns of Yorkshire in 1379. Poll Tax referred to the personal taxation system imposed on every person over the age of fourteen, that was introduced by King Richard II to enable him to carry on with the Hundred Year War with France. By the mid-16th century, the surname was well recorded in Lancashire (now part of Greater Manchester). In 1577, Roger Wrigley of Bolton was Curate of Oldham. On 10 July 1544, Alice Wrigley married William Saxon at Mydleton  (Middleton) near Oldham. Edmund Wrigley, son of Hugh Wrigley was christened on 10 November 1588 in that same parish. At Rochdale, Mary, daughter of James Wrigley was christened on 5 April 1584, Edward Wrigley of Mydleton married on 30 May 1586 and John Wrigley married on 17 December 1599. On 28 August 1664, the matrimonial ceremony between Edmund Wrigley and Jane Stocke was conducted at Rochdale. At Saddleworth near Oldham, John Wrigley was recorded in 1620 and Margaret Wrigley in 1635.1-7


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