Referencing my site

To me, it is crucial to reference the work of institutions and individuals that I have consulted over time. I believe this adds credibility to my work. More importantly, however, it gives credit to whom it belongs and displays appreciation for their hard and dedicated work that were made available to me either freely or at cost.

The information on my site is available without restriction for your personal use. If, however, you wish to use information obtained from my site in your own publication, without consulting the original referenced source, I kindly request that my many hours of laboured research will be acknowledged. It will be much appreciated!

How to reference my site:

All information on this site is freely available for personal use.
© When used in any form of electronic and paper-based publication, then PLEASE REFERENCE AS FOLLOWS:
EITHER:    Full address link to relevant webpage
OR:    Jamison, J.C.A. The converged history of families Kruger and Jamison.