The online Free Dictionary defines ‘genealogy’ as the record or account of the ancestry and descent of a person, family or group. It may sound rather dull to many people, but when one follows a trail of archived documents, family folklore, weathered grave-sites, old photos and time-worn memorabilia – similar to Sherlock Holmes following clues to solve a mystery – the unraveling of a genealogical puzzle becomes an adventure … and a revelation!

So, then … more about our family genealogy and history, and the Kruger-Jamison connection! Anyone familiar with South African political history will be well acquainted with the unpleasant Kruger-Jameson (Boer-Brit) altercation just before the Second Anglo-Boer War of 1899 to 1902. Paul Kruger, the president of the independent South African Boer Republic, had little tolerance for the British imperialistic shenanigans operating from outside and within his small republic. The infamous, ill-fated Jameson Raid in early 1896 led by Dr Leander S. Jameson, in the service of Cecil John Rhodes, Prime Minister of the British Cape Colony, was therefore, a provoking factor for the war.

Exactly a hundred years later in 1996, another Kruger-Jamison (Boer-Brit) engagement, albeit of a friendlier nature, transpired through the act of marriage. Two distinct family trees were converged. The Afrikaner KRUGER family tree originates from Danish, Dutch, German, French, and Scottish ancestors who migrated southward and settled in the Cape of Good Hope in the 17th century and thereafter. The English JAMISON family tree has its roots in the Netherlands and United Kingdom, with immigrants arriving in South Africa from the 19th century onward.

This website provides details of the ancestors and descendants of our Kruger and Jamison family lines. Included are also the lines of other relevant family names that are interrelated with our particular Kruger and Jamison family branches.

All information on this site is freely available for personal use.

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The Afrikaner family tree includes family names:

Bekker, Cloete, Coetzer, De Jager, De Klerk, Eksteen, Jordaan, Kruger, Lewis, Meyer, Munnik, Rossouw, Senekal, Slabbert, Tas,
Van der Merwe
and Van Dyk.

The English family tree includes family names:

Brandreth, Green, Heyworth, Jamison, Jansen van Galen, Mortimer, Rowlinson, Sepp, Smorenburg, Stitson,
and Wrigley.