Wrigley: Family tree


1. Overview

Cecilia Wrigley (1841 – 1928) and George Edwin Wilson (1833 – 1915) were my husband’s great-great-grandparents. Cecilia descended from a line of Wrigleys residing in Yorkshire of old, who were wealthy manufacturers and merchants of woolen textiles. As a matter of fact, the Wrigley family had much to do with the foundation of the weaving industry in England. Our Wrigley branch can be traced back to George Wrigley who was born in ca 1600. Cecilia was seven generations removed from the first known progenitor.

2. Our Wrigley branch

A simplified view of the branch of Wrigleys that is relevant to out family’s history is shown below.  To read more about the life of each individual in the family line and their families, in their particular political, social, religious and culture-historic context of the day, please navigate to Wrigley: Individuals, and select the name of the relevant person.

3. Our Wrigley family tree

The more comprehensive family tree – with a name index at the end – includes extended family members such as siblings and their spouses, the in-laws, cousins, etc.


WRIGLEY – View tree & name index here