Stitson: Earliest records of surname

The first known record of a derivative form of Stitson was that of John Stotson, who was christened on 29 August 1570 at St Mary Abchurch (Anglican Church of England) in London, England. This was during the reign of Queen Elizabeth 1 (1558 – 1603). On 4 March 1606, Francis Stitson was a witness of either a christening or a wedding at St Mary’s Church (Anglican Church of England) in Kensington, England. Also, a record of James Stidston living in London in 1699 exists.1-3 

Present-day records of existing Stitsons are mainly in England. The surname Stetson is seen only in the United States of America and is most likely a variation that developed from Stitson ancestors who emigrated from Britain.1,4


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