Stitson: Origin and meaning of surname

The surname Stitson has old Anglo-Saxon origins and is a patronymic form of “Stot/Stott” or “Stytt”. The latter means ‘strike’ or ‘knock’, and was a form of nickname for a fighter or boxer. “Stot/Stott”, on the other hand, is an old English metonymic for cattle dealer or a nickname for a wild, young person.1,2

The development of surnames in Europe was necessary to allow for personal taxation of all citizens residing in duchies, kingdoms or countries during the late Middle Ages, thus making it easier to identify individuals. Various variations of a surname, however, developed over time since many of the name-bearers were illiterate themselves and spelling in medieval times was, therefore, a highly imprecise process. Language was also influenced by its ruling royalties, surrounding nations and the Latin-speaking Roman Catholic Church.1,3

Surnames such as Statson, Stetson, De Stitson, Stidson, Stinson, Stitson, Stotson and Shitson appeared and are found mainly in Australia, Britain and United States of America.1,4


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