Stitson: Family tree


1. Overview

Although living and health care was improving in the 19th century in Britain, and more citizens were able to move into the middle class, most citizens’ lives were still characterised by a mere day-to-day struggle for survival. Many of our Stitson ancestors were very familiar with this way of life. Being part of the poorer working class in England, parents and their older children alike worked hard to survive in harsh, unforgiving circumstances in a society were social disparity was rife. The Stitsons worked as carpenters, grooms, carters and washerwomen. Only a few were able to chisel out a better life, fitting for the poorer spectrum of the middle class, thus improving their social standing in society through mere hard work, determination and perseverance.

2. Our Stitson branch

A simplified view of the branch of Stitsons that is relevant to out family’s history is shown below.  To read more about the life of each individual in the family line and their families, in their particular political, social, religious and culture-historic context of the day, please navigate to Stitson: Individuals, and select the name of the relevant person.3. Our Stitson family tree

The more comprehensive family tree – with a name index at the end – includes extended family members such as siblings and their spouses, the in-laws, cousins, etc.


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