Samuel Stitson (1848 – after 1911)


   1. His childhood

Samuel “Sam” was born on 26 August 1848 at Wolborough near Newton Abbot, Devonshire (now Devon), England to John (James) Stitson (*1816) and Mary Anne Gale (*1821).1,2

   2. His wife

2.1 Ann NN

Sam married Ann NN and they had a son when Sam was 22 years old.1 When Ann died is unknown, but Sam’s son was already approximately seven years old when he remarried.

2.2 Elizabeth Ann Wood

In 1877, the 29 year-old Sam wed 18 year-old Elizabeth Ann Wood, who was born on 1 January 1859 at Horton near Bradford, Yorkshire, England. She died in 1948 at the age of 89 years.1

   3. His career

By 1881, the family lived at 8 Vann Street, Belgrave, Leicestershire in England where Samuel worked as a groom (a person employed to take care of horses). The family later moved to Cullingworth, Bingley District in West Riding, Yorkshire, where Samuel was employed as a carter (a person employed to drive a cart) at Worsted Mill. The mill produced worsted, a smooth compact yarn from long wool fibers used used for knitting, and weaving of fabrics and carpets. By 1901, they lived at 27 Royd Wood Street, Cullingworth and during the 1911 Census the same address is recorded.3-6 Sam Stitson was from the working class and took on casual-labour jobs where the opportunities presented itself.

   4. His death

Samuel Stitson died after 1911 but possibly before 1921. The 62 year-old Sam was recorded in the 1911 England and Wales Census, but thus far no record of him could be found in the England and Wales Census of 1921. His wife lived until 1948.1,5

  5. His children

Samuel Stitson fathered eleven children altogether. From his first marriage one child, called Henry (1870 – 1918), was born. In 1895, the 25 year-old Henry married Martha Ann Briggs (*1865, Cullingworth, Yorkshire).1

Sam and his second wife Elizabeth Ann had ten children. They were Ernest Walter (*ca 1878), Havelock, (*ca 1880), Henry William (*ca 1881), Violet May (*ca 1883), Lily (*ca 1886), Rose Mary (1888 – 1966), Samuel (*ca 1890), Hannah Eliza (*ca1893), Alfred (*1897) and William (1898 – 1991).1-5,7,8

Their sixth child, Rose Mary was born on 14 April 1888 at Keighley, West Riding, Yorkshire (now West Yorkshire), a town near Cullingworth.1,4,7,9 She married Charles Frederick Sepp and they became my husband’s great-grandparents. Charles Sepp was a niece of Rose Mary Stitson, and the son of Gustav Sepp (1846 – 1912) and Mary Elizabeth Stitson (1851 – ?). Mary Elizabeth and Sam Stitson were brother and sister.7,9 READ MORE on Rose Mary Stitson and her husband, Charles Sepp.


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