Rowlinson: Earliest records of surname

The Rowlinson surname is well recorded in the north of England, especially in Yorkshire and Lancashire. One of the first recordings of the family name or its variants was that John Rollynson in the 1449 register of the manor of Halifax, Yorkshire.1 John Rowlinson of Haverthwaite appeared in 1605 in the Lancashire Wills at Richmond, and Robert Rowlinson, of Knott in the Liverston Records in 1630.2 On 16 July 1654, Beingeman Rowlinson, son of Thomas Rowlinson was christened at Guiseley, Yorkshire. In 1672 on 24 October, Josuhaye, son of Joseph Rowlinson, was christened in the same village, according to the Yorkshire Church registers. Richard Rowlson was christened at Holy Trinity, Wibsey on 20 September 1681.1

Over time, Rowlinson descendants migrated from Britain mainly to Australia, Canada, South Africa and United States of America.2


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