Mark Rowlinson (1808 – 1880)


   1.  His childhood

Mark Rowlinson was born in 1808 in Great Budworth in Cheshire, England to his parents Jeffrey Rowlinson (1781 – 1849) and Penelope Bebbington (1787 – 1834) who married in 1807.1-4 Mark lived during the reign of King George III from 1760 to 1820, King George IV from 1820 to 1830, King William IV from 1830 to 1837, followed by Queen Victoria who ascended the throne in 1837.5

   2.  His wife

Mark married Mary Leathwood (1806 – 1845) in ca 1832 at Grappenhall, Warrington, Cheshire. By the time Mary died at the age of 39 years on 14 December 1845, the couple had seven children. Mark’s father, Jeffrey Rowlinson, who lived with them since 1841 (or possibly even earlier than that), died in the same year as his daughter-in-law. It seems as if Mark remained unmarried after his wife’s death as he appears to be single in census records of 1861 and 1871.2,4

NOTE: Although Mary’s name is given as LEATHERWOOD on one public website,6 her name was handwritten in her Bible, dated 1828, as Mary LEATHWOOD.4

   3.  His career

Mark seemed to have been a tenant farmer his whole life. By 1841, the family lived at 80 Runcorn Road, Barnton, Weaverham where Mark was farming on 45 acres of land.2,4,7 Twenty years later in 1861, Mark was still farming as a tenant on the same piece of land, with his youngest five children, Samuel, John, Ann, Sarah and Margaret still part of the household. By then, Samuel was 24 years old, John was 22, Ann was 20, Sarah was 17 and Margaret was 15 years old, respectively.8 By 1871, only John and Margaret was still living with their father.9   4.  His death

Mark Rowlinson died on 12 March 1880, aged 72 in Weaverham, Cheshire.4,9 He outlived his wife with 31 years. He was buried in Little Leigh Baptist Churchyard in Little Leigh, Cheshire in the same grave as his wife.9    5.  His children

There were three sons and four daughters, all born at Barnton, Cheshire. They were Mary (*ca 1832), Thomas (*ca 1834), Samuel (*ca 1837), John (*ca 1839), Ann (*ca 1841), Sarah (*ca 1843) and Margaret (*ca 1846). By 1851, the 43 year-old Mark was a widower with seven children – aged 19, 17, 14, 12, 10, 7 and 5 years old – to care for. In his employment were two servants, 66 year-old Thomas Hurstfield and 17 year-old Betsey Goodier.2,5

  • Samuel married Sarah Saunders (1844 – 1900) in 1864. Her family had originally been housed at the Kensington Union (a workhouse for the impoverished) in London. After their marriage, Samuel and Sarah moved house on a regular basis. By the late 1800s, they moved to Weaverham, near Northwich, Cheshire. By 1891, they were living at Preston-on-the-Hill, Daresbury near Warrington, and by the late 1890s, they settled on the farm Factor’s House, Whitley, Cheshire. The couple had two children that were found in records; Mark (1865 – 1954) and Margaret Elizabeth (1874 – 1951).4 Samuel departed this life at the age of 63 years on 25 January 1900. He was buried in the same grave as his parents.91
    Their son, Mark was born at Great Budworth, Cheshire in 1865 and became a carpenter. He married Mary E.S. Basnett (1871 – 1952) in 1894 and the couple had four daughters, Dorothy (1895 – ?), Helen (1897 – 1977), Gertrude (1899 – ?) and Mary (1902 – 1980).41
    Their daughter, Margaret Elizabeth was born in 1874 at West Derby, Lancashire (now part of Liverpool, Merseyside) and died in 1951 at the age of 77 years. She married Joseph Glover (1873, Burtonwood, Warrington – 1942), a farmer. The couple remained childless.  Her first cousin, Geoffrey Rowlinson, son of her uncle John Rowlinson, had a close and long-standing association with her family.41
  • John married Mary Hewitt and together they had two sons, Geoffrey and Richard Hewitt.1,4,10 John Rowlinson become my husband’s step great-great-grandfather. READ MORE on John Rowlinson.



REFERENCE 4: Much gratitude is due to Ian Roberts of England for sharing a substantial amount of information on the life of Mark Rowlinson and his descendants. Without this, the story being told here would have been much less complete. He also very kindly posted Mary Leathwood’s Bible and other books once owned by her grandson, Geoffrey Rowlinson (1882 – 1978) to me. These, however, got lost in the postal services en route to South Africa. I am still waiting in anticipation for a miracle arrival of these precious books!


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