Jansen van Galen: Family tree


1. Overview

Our Jansen van Galen family line can be traced back to Hendrik van Galen of the Netherlands, who was born in ca 1620. His descendants belonged to the burgher class (working class), who resided in mainly central Gelderland province. Our branch is characterised by several generations of skilled carpenters, who lived and worked in smaller villages.

This family surname went through several changes over the past 400 years. It started out as Van Galen, then during the 1700s the surname was dropped and the second name Jansen was adopted as surname, but by the early 1800s the surname was restored to Jansen van Galen. Variation in spelling of the surname, such as Jansen/Janszen/Janssen van Galen/Gaalen, was also encountered over centuries and even during the lifetime of a single individual.

2. Our Jansen van Galen branch

A simplified view of the branch of Jansen van Galens that is relevant to out family’s history is shown below.  To read more about the life of each individual in the family line and their families, in their particular political, social, religious and culture-historic context of the day, please navigate to Jansen van Galen: Individuals, and select the name of the relevant person.

3. Our Jansen van Galen family tree

The more comprehensive family tree – with a name index at the end – includes extended family members such as siblings and their spouses, the in-laws, cousins, etc.


JANSEN VAN GALEN – View tree & name index here