Heyworth: Family Tree


1. Overview

The Heyworths can be traced back to the late 17th century where they resided in Backup, Lancashire in England as successful woolen manufacturers. The generations that followed included textile merchants operating both locally and internationally, as well as military officers, Justices of the Peace (lay-Magistrates) and Directors of railroad and mining enterprises. The Heyworths were wealthy, belonging to the elite class of the 18th and 19th century. Yet, life did not spare them its heartaches and challenges, but admirably, the Heyworths were people who persevered and attained.

Our specific branch of Heyworths has an authentic Armorial Ensign (Family Crest) that was legally granted in 1856 to Lawrence Heyworth (1786 – 1872) and his descendants. The motto is “Nil Dimidim Est” (“Nothing is half” or “The half is nothing”). Only Lawrence’s offspring can claim ownership of this specific crest. It is not applicable to unrelated Heyworth lines or other variations of the surname such as Hayworth, Haworth, Hawoth, Haueworth, Howarth, Howorth, Haywood, Heywood, Heyward and Howard.

2. Our Heyworth branch

A simplified view of the branch of Heyworths that is relevant to out family’s history is shown below.  To read more about the life of each individual in the line and their families in their particular political, social, religious and culture-historic context of the day, please navigate to Heyworth: Individuals, and select the name of the relevant person.

3. Our Heyworth family tree

The more comprehensive family tree – with a name index at the end – includes extended family members such as siblings and their spouses, the in-laws, cousins, etc.


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