Heyworth: Earliest records of surname

Records from ca 1095 from Bury in Suffolk listed Godric Heiuuard and Brihtmer Heiuuard. Richard Haiward was listed in the Pipe Rolls of Norfolk in 1166 and William le Heiward in 1179 at Bart. London.1 Adam de Heywode was listed in the Assize Court Rolls (court of law rolls) of Lancashire in 1246. Robert de Hawrth was recorded in 1292 in the Yorkshire Pipe Rolls (records of crown revenue and expenditure per annum) when he resigned as Abbot of Stanlaw Abbey. In 1276, Peter de Heywood was granted the estate of Heywood by Sir Adam de Bury. The Yorkshire Poll Tax Rolls (taxation register) of 1379 listed Alicia de Haworth, Johannes de Haworth and Johannes Haueworth in the same roll.2-5


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