David Jude Heyworth Law


Jude Law: British Actor

While researching our Heyworth heritage, an exciting stir was caused upon the discovery that renowned British actor, Jude Law, may be another descendent of our Heyworth ancestors of Bacup, Rossendale, Lancashire, England.1

David Jude Heyworth Law was born on 29 December 1972 in Lewisham, London, to Peter Robert Law (*1943) and Margaret Ann “Maggie” Heyworth (*1946). Maggie’s father was John Clifford Heyworth, a shopkeeper in Lancashire who was married to Meinwen Parry (1926 – 2015). John’s father (Maggie’s grandfather) was John Willie Heyworth, a master brush maker at Bacup who was married to Mary Hamer. John Willie’s father (Maggie’s great-grandfather) was Samuel Heyworth, a cotton spinner from Bacup.2-5

How, or if at all, Samuel Heyworth was related to our Peter Heyworth (1743 – 1799) and Lawrence Heyworth (1786 – 1872), also woollen manufacturers at Bacup, is not yet known. Peter Heyworth was the brother of John (*26 April 1732) and James (*1734) 1-3. Could one of these two brothers be the ancestor of Jude Law? Or maybe a possible relation dates further back.

… the search is on!

Simplified pedigree of British actor Jude Law


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